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December 11, 2016 - No Comments!

Renders (11/12/2016)

I started learning Cinema 4d last week. It felt like a gap in my knowledge that would hold me back from translating my ideas into reality in a timely fashion. Photoshop is great, but simple tasks seemed like they could be accomplished a lot quicker if I just went ahead and purchased a 3d program.

Thankfully the learning curve is not that bad, it all works pretty intuitively like an extension of Photoshop/After Effects. I'm sure as I get into the more complicated things, I might hit a wall. At the moment it's really enjoyable, probably because there isn't any end goal but to have fun and understand how it works.

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December 4, 2016 - No Comments!

Sushi Go (4/12/2016)

img_9710K and I went to a game store and discovered this sushi card game called Sushi Go. It's so much fun, the illustrations are insanely cute, it's fast paced but strategic. Looking forward to sharing this game with other friends! We also bought Words With Friends but we haven't even opened it because we were too addicted to Sushi Go.

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