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Flashback (20/01/2017)

I heard the MCA Zine Fair had opened applications for this year, so I started going through old photos and projects to see what I might include. For such a long time I really wanted to create t-shirt label, but even after the first few months, it felt like work and didn't feel fun or as natural in the way my other projects came together.

Looking back, it's because other people were pushing me to do it and I had somewhat fallen out of love with my own work or side projects. I'd felt embarrassed with the results and I had felt that I wasted everyone's time, including my own.

But upon revisiting the photos today...I'm not sure why I hated the result so much? Perhaps I was drained after the launch? Disappointed that it didn't really grow or feel as authentic as the way my art is usually released?

When I look at the photos now, I can find things I like. The in between moments when I was creating art and having fun with it. I didn't really spend much money on the projects...and in some ways that informed the confidence in my own label. People couldn't even buy them because I didn't think we'd sell any.

I'm going to revisit selling art again but do it in my own way with zero pressure.

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