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Kyoto Skies (8/5/2016)

Photos from when Bella was laying down vocals for Homesick and Start Again at 301 Studios.

img_8107 img_8080-edit img_8073

MAH00024 1 from Jonathan Key on Vimeo.

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Button Art – Reverse Garbage (23/10/2016)

K and I spent a night together where we planned activities to do as a couple that combined our passions/creativity.

K always inspires me and introduces me to new things. We looked at recycled art that night and came up with some ideas of what we could create together. We then visited Reverse Garbage, a Non-profit co-operative collecting and selling industrial offcuts and discards creative and practical reuse. K suggested one scoop of buttons for just $6.

So we went back and started coming up with concepts. At first we were going to create a stop animation but my tripod was broken and we had run out of time that night, so we settled for a still photo.

K wanted to create something related to the environment like a globe but we didn't have enough buttons or colours to pull it off. I really loved the idea of a circle though and my leaning towards simple graphics lead to a yin and yang symbol that I felt could be openly interpreted. You could view it as a harmony/balance which is a common thread when thinking of nature) - but to me personally, it was representing our relationship.

web_button-yin-yang_img_7248webimg_7186-editweb_img_7264 web_img_7257-3 web_img_7216img_7241

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Decks For Change/The Plot (19/11/2016)

Decks for Change is a charity focussed design competition aimed at giving exposure to current social, political and environmental issues to inspire change.

A few Australian artists/illustrators and I painted a deck on the day that would later get auctioned off.


I haven't painted for a long time and when I do, I am usually painting digitally on my Wacom tablet where I can undo mistakes or add digital guides quite easily. I sit in front of the programs photoshop/illustrator everyday and I've gotten very good at it which is a blessing and a curse because it becomes harder to leave that world for a more tangible approach.

So painting on a physical board was something that got me out of my comfort zone, it was more of a battle instead of being able to execute what I had pictured in my head. Halfway through, I felt somewhat unqualified being more of a graphic designer but I'm so glad I said yes in the end because I'm still happy with the end result and I'm inspired to sketch and paint again.


Overall an incredibly fun day for a great cause. Thanks to Kirby for organising Decks for Change and inviting me and the others to take part! Thanks to my partner K for being loving support throughout it all, I couldn't have done it without you <3

sketch-prep A sketch I did on the train ride towards the festival


Other Artists: @bruzzese_art @aylathecaveman_art @pigeonboyart @carlobruzzeseart @dlae @snzlmz @lorenzo0307 @jakereston @sophieayeart

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A Cloud Shaped Moon (14/11/2016)

A Cloud Shaped Moon from Jonathan Key on Vimeo.

‘aka day 2 of having a tripod again’

Supposably it is a good time to shoot the sky because there is a ‘super moon’ tonight and the night after. There are news articles about it, people giving tips on how to photography it etc. After reading about it the night before, it occurred to me that a photo of the moon is probably going look exactly the same as you’d expect it… unless you have a telescope… and there isn’t a real way to compare it’s scale. A 10-15% larger moon is still small if you were to take a photo of it. I mean…you really could just be a bit cheeky and photoshop it? haha.

I decided to just do a wide shot until it got closer and then walk over to enjoy and take it in. A nice excuse to get out on a Tuesday and enjoy a sunset and Sydney Harbour. Post-super moon, most people saw it as a disappointment because of the hype + clouds obstructing the view.

How odd that people find enjoyment in having a photo but not the experience of taking it or enjoying the surrounding view. If you take a photo and don’t show anyone does it really exist?

Who knows? Another positive, I got a free SONY speaker which kept me company whilst shooting and drew a few people to strike up conversations and enjoy the Avalanches.

img_8212 img_8149 img_8221

Jonathan Key is an Artist, Designer & Creative Director of 3:AM.
His artwork explores themes of humanity, psychedelia & visions.