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A continuation in discovering my own voice visually...
When I think about visuals and how they speak to me, after a certain point, literal imagery starts to mean less to me than stumbling upon a new abstract form/shape or a combination of colours.

Similarly to using and old lo-fi sampler (like a Roland SP-404), taking little pieces of photography from my everyday life and then distorting and corrupting it gives me pleasure. In this way I can take existing memories and turn them into something new whilst having the original memory/images as something that only I know of.

I started using the pseudonym Prince of Glitch years ago as a username but now it's a bit of a reminder of youth/early internet culture. I thought that idea of being the 'Prince of Mistakes' was funny - similar to the Emperor's new clothes tale.

I never thought I would enjoy abstract art, let along prefer to both consume and create it, but I find myself getting more out of finding new ideas in a wall of colours textures than a perfect photo or design.