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'Mirrors of the Mind' • Primary Front Cover

'Mirrors of the Mind' • Vinyl Packaging

Grasshopper - Mirrors of the Mind

Mirrors of the Mind is a psychedelic concept album from the Indian band, Grasshopper.
The record follows the introspective adventures of an anonymous protagonist.

The album is a cinematic tale of the conflicts we face in life; our inner cabinet,
a place where dark thoughts are hidden away and the quest to pursue the path of truth.

Art Direction and Design by Jonathan Key
All songs written by Amarpreet & Gaurav Shah

Jonathan Key
Mirrors of the Mind Album Artwork, 2013
Vinyl & CD Packaging Design
Photo Manipulation
32.5cm x 32.5cm

'Mirrors of the Mind' • Back Vinyl Packaging

'Mirrors of the Mind' • Cover Variations
Diecut cover allows the front cover to be swapped with images to create different inner minds.
This allow the viewer to choose or even create their own cover.