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TEDxSydney 2016

Motion, Print, Branding/Identity, Signage, Event, Keynote
Created at Common Design, Under Direction from Mark Stott
Photo Credits: Katie Barget, JJ Halans, Michelle Dellis,
Tim Lumsdaine, Gary Compton, Richard Walters
Year: 2016

TEDxSydney 2016TEDxSydney 2016

Print Collateral

Including: Lanyards, Programme, Tote Bag, T-shirts, Notebooks, Love Stickers, Signage, Branding & More.

TEDxSydney Online Opener

A shorter 11 second cut of the opening video was created as an intro to the online talks for TEDxSydney and TEDxSydney@Youth.

TEDxSydney Opening Video

The holistic theme this year was 'together', so in the spirit of collaboration, Common developed a simple concept and curated it with Alfred, that allowed many disciplines within moving image to slot together creating the main titles for TEDxSydney 2016. The collaborators in order are Common, Buck, Fin, Collider, Lucinda Schreiber, Cutting Edge, Never Sit Still, White Chocolate, Hussein Alicajic. Sound by the ever talented Rumble and produced by Celia Nicholas. Each had 10-15 seconds with a set start and end frame which we then edited together to create the master piece. A beautiful exercise in mashing together a collective of talented creatives. Common is also the brand and design lead for all things TEDxSydney related. Go to from the 7th July 2016 to see the full project.

Behind the Scenes

Rehearsals, Backstage, Team Meetings & More