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Young people completing their studies stand at a sometimes bewildering threshold between the relative security of educational institutions and the vast unknown.

It’s a time fraught with insecurity – and excitement. They face a world blurred by dizzyingly rapid change. No longer is there the stability of workplace culture that their grandparents used to enjoy. Technologies, environments, social interactions, employment and skills – these are all subject to the fierce and relentless winds of change.

But many young people are excited by the possibilities that are thrown up by technological evolution, the potential to expand their horizons and develop new careers that currently don’t even exist. The artists who created this installation are among those. Venture is an artwork that expresses this sense of uncertainty and opportunity. It is a visual and experiential expression of a generation's response to the unknown. When you approach the artwork, you are intrigued by flickering diagonal lines – perhaps they signify danger or urgency; perhaps you are about to enter a dynamic, exciting space. As you walk through Venture, you are surrounded by a series of teepee structures, which evoke memories of childhood tents, where you used to play, hide, scheme and dream. It is a space where you can feel safe. These structures are made of LED light tubes, programmed to flicker so that each pole is illuminated at different times. From a distance, it seems as if diagonal lasers are flashing and striking across the alleyway.

As you near the artwork, the speed of the light changes, diminishes, and the spaces between the forms guide you through a journey with no defined path – so you too can tread the path of adventure experienced by young people launching themselves on the world of work. The collective that created Venture is a team of recently graduated Generation Y designers, who come from a variety of disciplines – industrial, interior and graphic design. They seek to blur the boundaries between their specialties to work together for a more innovative approach.

Team: Lauren Murphy / Dominique Chan / Shelley Javier /
Thomas Pranadjaja / Jonathan Key / Jonathan Low

Photography+Video & Light Show Design: Jonathan Key
Additional BTS Photography: Victor Caringal